Polis from another planet

The last few days have been unusual so I guess it would be remiss of me not to comment.

Blunkett "resigns" from the cabinet. Good. He shouldn't have been in that job in the first place. Dishonesty is not a requirement of politicians although somehow it always seems to happen.

Blair gets an arse kicking in the Commons over his stupid plan to increase custody without charge to 90 days. Good, once again this is completely deserved. Lesson for politicians; listen to the people that pay your wages.

Charles Clarke. The man talks as though he's just been released from an alien abduction. He's been on R4's Today a couple of times of late and I've never heard anyone so far removed from reality. Get a grip, man.

Rebekah Wade, editrix of The Sun (alledgedly a newspaper), kicks seven shades of shit out of her tough-guy actor hubby and gets arrested. She then accuses those who voted against Blair of being traitors. Another one with a slim grasp of reality.

Then we have the other end of the scale. Sir Christopher Meyer's inside view of NuLabour at their finest.

And lastly, a small voice of reason: Rachel. She has posted a couple of pieces that prove that there's hope for the country. The first is her thoughts about NuLabour hijacking the victims of the July 7th bombing. The next day Rachel lets rip at The Sun over their use of an image of another of the July 7th victims. They didn't think to ask his permission (they never think at The Sun) or get his opinion before publishing. Murdoch has a knack for hiring morons. No wonder the Murdoch Morons and NuLabour's Losers love each other so much.

Big it up for Bob for the link to Rachel's site.